Welcome to W2IHY Technologies

W2IHY Technologies specializes in affordable audio technology for amateur radio applications. We are the only manufacturer that specializes in the design and the manufacturing of audio and RF switching equipment that work together in your station environment. Our products are built to be used in transmitting environments where RFI and less-than-perfect ground systems can compromise the performance of audio equipment. Extensive RF Isolation and Audio Isolation solutions are designed into all W2IHY products.

The legendary W2IHY EQPlus, 8-Band Audio Equalizers/Noise Gates, iBox and iPlus audio switching units are in use worldwide. The 3 X 4 Coax Switch, our newest product, has the ability to switch any of 3 radios to any one of 3 amplifiers and or up to 4 antennae. The 3 X 4 Coax switch when connected to the iPlus audio Switch creates an operational environment where turning a single knob on the iPlus not only connects audio into the microphone input of the selected radio, but also automatically switches and routes radio/amplifier, coax/ ALC and Amplifier keying. This switching system represents a new reference point for easy to use amateur radio equipment. We also provide high-quality, custom-made cables for all of your audio needs.

Technical Support and Customer Service are readily available via telephone and email. Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. All products are manufactured in the USA. Free Technical Support and 3-Year Warranty. 30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee on products purchased direct from W2IHY.

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