Audio Samples of Our Products

Please take a few moments to listen to these awesome audio demonstrations. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these recordings are worth a thousand pictures. Each operator is using a W2IHY 8-Band EQ/Noise Gate and EQplus.


WV4R Puts Loud, Clean Audio In Your Face

With its wide range of adjustability, the W2IHY 8-Band/EQplus combination delivers the transmit audio characteristics you want to achieve. This highly articulate, crystal-clear signal is from Murf, WV4R using a $10 microphone.

Roberto, PB5X, Demonstrates The 8 Band and EQPlus EQ to SM4PEL

Who says you cannot significantly improve the sound of a modern transceiver? Roberto demonstrates the 8 Band EQ and EQplus on his TS990 to SM4PEL . He uses the Heil P40, the W2IHY 8 Band and the EQPpus to obtain great sounding audio.

EQplus 101. Required Listening

In this example, WV4R turns off the W2IHY audio processing stages and turns them back on. Listen to the fascinating procedure and the stunning results.

EQplus Creater, Julius Jones, Demonstrates His New Product

Listen to EQplus designer, W2IHY in QSO on 20 meters. Julius is transmitting on an ICOM 756 PRO II with a Heil Goldline Pro microphone. Notice the dramatic improvement in signal to noise (talk power) when the EQplus compressor is activated. Our thanks to N4FZ for making this recording.

W2GGI became a believer after using the 8 Band EQ and EQPlus

The audio from W2GGI exudes robustness. Stations all over the world have asked him what he is using to sound so good. Take a listen to Bob’s audio. Recording courtesy of NA1A.

Are You A Believer? W6OBB is

This high-quality signal from W6OBB is pleasing and robust. Art’s audio is a listening treat for everyone on the receiving end. His Yaesu MD-200 microphone drives W2IHY processing gear which drives an ICOM 7800. Recording courtesy of NU9N.

Sig From Little Rig

We couldn’t believe our ears when K4APO sent this recording. Walter’s audio is a thrilling example of what is possible when using W2IHY audio processing on a radio with relatively narrow transmit bandwidth. The microphone is a Heil Goldline Pro and the rig is an ICOM 706 MKIIG. We’ve never heard a 706 sound this good …and … this BIG!

It’s Off. It’s On. It’s Powerful!

This recording of W8MW demonstrates the night and day difference between unprocessed microphone audio and audio that’s enhanced by W2IHY processing. Mike is using an ICOM 756 PRO with an inexpensive Radio Shack dynamic microphone.


EQ Makes A Poor Microphone Sound Very Good

This microphone had very little low frequency output. Listen to the dramatic improvement made by boosting the W2IHY Equalizer at 50, 100, 200 & 400 Hz.

EQ Set For DX & Contest Audio

Examine how the audio becomes more piercing and penetrating when equalization is set for substantial high-frequency content. Simply adjust the W2IHY Equalizer for more energy at 1600 and 2400 Hz. This enhances articulation and boosts apparent loudness.

EQ Works Miracle On Another Poor Microphone

Hear a thin, tinny-sounding microphone become more full and pleasing to the ear. In this example, the microphone needed boosts in the low and mid-range frequencies.


Noise Gate Reduces Background Noises In The Shack

QRM inside the shack? Here’s how to cut it down to size. Listen to the background voices go away in this noisy shack. The W2IHY Noise Gate works wonders on all sorts of noises including linear amplifiers, air conditioners, fans, etc.

Noise Gate Goes Mobile. Stunning Reduction Of Wind & Traffic Noise

We went mobile with a W2IHY EQ/Noise Gate so you could hear its performance in a truly worst-case noise environment. The wind and traffic were nearly as loud as the voice. Judge the results. Then imagine what our Noise Gate can do for you!