Video Demonstrations

Please take a few moments to view these video demonstrations. These videos will give you a quick understanding of the basic operation and capabilities of the W2IHY equipment being demonstrated.

Video 1

AE6LX demonstrates how to connect the 8 Band EQ to the EQPlus. He also demonstrates adjusting the units where you can see and hear the difference.

AE6LX reviews the W2IHY audio equipment from moleculo on Vimeo.

Video 2

Listen to the audio of N1FM using the 8 Band and EQplus with his ICOM 7800.

Video 3

This is a short Video demonstrating the 8 Band and EQPlus using a Heil PR781 with a ICOM 756 PRO3. Hear the difference these units make.

Video 4

This must see video by AE6LX reviews the iPlus explaining its basic functions and how it is connected to either rack audio gear or W2IHY audio gear.

W2IHY iPlus Review from moleculo on Vimeo.

Video 5

K1BJS demonstrates the use of the W2IHY Coax Switch with his station.