Kenwood 8 Pin Round (Foster) Cable


Compatibility: EQ/iBox/iPlus Output Cable to Elecraft: K2, K3, K3S and K4. Kenwood: DFC-230, TM201A, TM201B, TM211, TM221, TM231, TM241, TM321, TM331, TM401A, TM401B, TM421, TM431, TM441, TM521, TM531, TM541, TM621, TM631, TM701, TM721, TM731, TM2530, TM2550, TM2570, TR50, TR751, TR851, TS50, TS60, TS140, TS430, TS440, TS450, TS570, TS590, TS660, TS670, TS680, TS690, TS711, TS780, TS790, TS811, TS850, TS870, TS890, TS930, TS940, TS950, TS950SD, TS950SDX, TS990, TS2000, TS2000X, TSB2000, TW4000, TW4100. (5 Pin DIN to 8 Pin (Foster) Mic Connector)

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Compatibility: All W2IHY Audio Equalizers, iPlus Audio Switch + iBox

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4 Foot, 6 Foot, 8 Foot, 10 Foot